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start on my own and get from 0 to 10k income per month within 6 months

This is for Executives, VP’s, MD’s, Professionals who want to leave corporate world and start on your own as coach, consultant, specialist. Your main focus is to become proficient in signing up 1:1 clients and building your client base to establish yourself as a coach, consultant for businesses.


This is covered in the Silver Membership. Including live-time access to learning portal, 6 months of weekly coaching and Q&A calls, private Facebook group

Start Foundations: Choose a basic niche, including results clients get. Create your core marketing message. Learn how to make successful enrollment conversations that sell. Learn basic sales objection handling. Create two problem solving service packages and define your fees (you will NOT change time for money!)

Income generating activities: Start using proven marketing and sales strategies. Focus most of your time on generating enrollment calls to get first, second and third client. Build your network in social media. Setup systems to be found locally via online search. Get your version one of business model ready.

Lean Operations: Open business accounts to collect payments. Start basic planning and bookkepping. Install and start work with marketing automation tools. 

Let’s find a highly profitable niche which fits best with your experience and skills! Take this assessment and get our personal feedback! 

grow from 10k to 50k monthly revenue within 12 months from now

GROW as Established Solo-Coach, Consultant, Author, Marketing Specialist

This for established solo-coaches, consultants, authors, marketing specialists who want to ramp-up sales and systems with their first online program to make it easier to attract, convert and maintain more clients. Grow from 10k to 50k per months and repare for scale phase. 

This will be covered in the Gold Membership. Including live-time access to learning portal, 12 months of weekly coaching and Q&A calls, private Facebook group, on demand concierge and coach support, additional services at reduced rates

Growth Foundations: Learn from market and client feed to laser your niche and sharpen marketing message. Develop your first front-end leveraged online program for 1-to-many. Develop a lead magnet (special report or book) and start focus on list building with Facebook video marketing to get enrollment calls for your new front-end program. Develop your signature speech for future sales events. Grow your network on LinkedIn and Facebook. Improve on mindset questions. Improve authority website. 

Income growth activities: Significantly increase your fees for your premium 1:1 coaching, consulting services. Increase number of enrollment calls per day for your front-end-program with enhanced advertising and marketing automation. Increase conversion rate in enrollment conversations using advanced objection handling. Prepare and launch first mini-event to get new clients in bunches. Initial preparation for scaling of income and profitability.

Growth operations: Hire technical virtual assistant. Hire assistant for personal tasks. Begin paying yourself regular salary. Install and start work with enhanced automation and planning tools. 

Let’s assess where we can help you to grow your practice and make first steps to scale.  Book a free assessment call here.

Scale form 50k to 500k+ monthly revenue within 24 months from now

SCALE as Solo-Coach, Consultant, Consulting Boutique, Marketing Agency

This is for solo coaches or consultants, consulting boutiques or marketing agencies who want to scale sales and systems for 1-to-Many high ticket services. Increase market reach, serve more people, businesses. Scale by factor 10.

This is covered in Diamond Membership. Including live-time access to learning portal for you and your core-team, 24 months of weekly coaching and Q&A calls, 3x 2day in person MASTERMIND EVENTS per year. Private Facebook Group. Concierge and coach support. Additional services at reduced rates. 

Scale Foundations: Learn from market and client feedback to create your first high-ticket Mastermind program. Become go-to-expert in your niche. Find speaking opportunities to sell front-end and back-end products at events. Establish your own mini-event. Establish your content fly-wheel and enhanced marketing automation for maximum visibility and a profitable advertising machine. 

Income scaling activities: Design ‘MVP’ and start selling  your first 1-to-many Mastermind program to expand reach and revenue. Set-up 3x 2day in person events for initial Mastermind clients. Hire sales reps as soon as back-end-product achieves 100k monthly revenue. Install testimoninal and review acquisition process. Get into CEO leadership role and begin to remove yourself from daily operations (exclucing Mastermind delivery) to prepare for scaling beyound 100k+ a month in next growth phase. 

Leveraged Operations: Outsource everything except marketing and service delivery. Define roles and hire growth team. Focus on team performance and top quality delivery of service. Set-up business savings accounts. Give yourself a pay-rise. Create incentives to reward team for firm expansion. Invest in retirment planning. Review controlling and reporting to get ready to scale beyond 100k monthly revenue.       

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